Wednesday, October 5, 2011


           Apparently I think of wacky ideas late at night! Here is this weeks, as I sat here in my living room watching Glee (best show ever!) I started thinking how cute it would be to have card designed just around my fav. show!  I know my sister-in-law would love every card I would make and so many other Glee Lovers.  
           I hope I don't break any legal rules, might have to look that up.  But, Decided that every Friday will be GLEE-TASTIC FRIDAYS!  I will post a project/card that is solely inspired by that weeks Glee Episode!  I already can think of so many!  Making it Friday cause well I have my Halloween Project Mondays this month, and Tuesday's Glee airs plus I haves school so I can not usually watch it till wed, but Wednesday's is all about the TA-TA's this month,  Friday's just seem to work best!
          Stayed tuned! I will be finishing my video tomorrow, and bling up my notebook.  I am loving this new blog thing! Hope you all are enjoying my blogness as well and please spread the word, I will be looking forward to seeing my numbers increase and ready to CELEBRATE! 

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