Monday, April 30, 2012

One Class Left!!!!!!!

One class left and I am officially done with my bachelors degree! I feel bad but I had to put my blog on the back burner to keep up with my small business and school and most importantly my kiddo's!!!
We are expecting our 4th baby in July, and we move in Septemeber, our baby Lady (yorkie) is having her puppies any day now!!! I will have to do a post just about all the items I have made this last week to prepare for her puppies arrivals! 
But, I am working on videos for this week, my friend is preparing for her sister baby shower and she lives 3hours away so she has requested for me to make a couple video's to show her how to make a baby blanket and some decorations! 
So have a wonderful Monday Ya'll and Thank you for all who have emailed me asking where I went, I know I neglected ya'll but I am now back on the wagon as everything has taking a little less craziness here! 
:-) Happy Cricuting!