Thursday, June 10, 2010

Buying the Cricut Cartridges!!!

Wow! I need to get on the ball with my blog, so first off these weekend I will be putting up my first video blog by Sunday, or I will give something away!!! But, I wanted to address a concern I have heard about for a while, the cost of cartridges!!
Yes! I have found some wonderful ways to help with these concern, First of all I have been doing Cricut Crops which is were I came up with my name Cricutkateers! These is an awesome thing to do, I have gotten to meet so many women and wonderful cricutkateers who have awesome ideas and even shortcuts, they teach me so much!!
I have also found a wonderful place here in San Antonio, that allows you to rent the cartridges for $5 a day and also if you bring in your own supplies and mat you can go their and cut out what you need. Wonderful scrapbooking store, check out the links below!
Finally, I have found two wonderful tools, EBAY!!! I have to tell you I was horrible at Ebay, I am a shopaholic, so I feel the need to buy to much sometimes and if I am bidding I tend to want to bid till I win. I have had to chose to place a bid put in my max and turn the computer off, or I will fight someone for my cartridges. But, I am happy to say that since I have stopped watching it all day, I have won some wonderful cartridges for less than $30 dollars!!!
So happy scrapping and enjoy your day!!! Check out my links below to some great sites to get inexpensive cartridges!!!

Here are my Links!!

Happy Scrapbooking!!!