Monday, November 19, 2012


              Finally!!! My life has slowed down, we have moved twice, but are now settled in our new home, which is so exciting in itself!!!! I love owning our own home, not worried about my crazy ideas for house projects, feel bad for my hubs cause he has to talk me off the ledge lol.  Just in time for the major holidays! 
               So, since I am back to blogging I have had lots of emails requesting videos and project ideas!!! Thank you, you are all wonderful wonderful peeps!!!! I have decided to do bow videos on Fridays, for those of you who don't know I own a boutique on facebook and love making bows!!! More importantly I enjoy sharing my passions with you guys!!!
            Tonight after all the babies go to sleep I am going to pull out my cricut for the first time in almost 6mos!!!! CRAZY! Getting some projects done for Thanksgiving, making a special goodie bag for my kiddie table!! Stay tuned and keep sending idea's I LOVE THEM!!!!! 
 The Cricutkateer!