Monday, October 31, 2011

Covering Hershey's Bars!

I just made this quick video on how to cover a hersheys bar, tried to do it while kids were awake BAD IDEA! LOL but hope you enjoy it!! Happy Halloween!!!

My new Products Video

Kind of random, but this is a video I made to give you a quick overview of all the new goodies I got in!!! I always like new stuff!!!

New YouTube Video's

Cutting Felt is a challenge, I hope this video helps I will be working on a better video today, this one had to be quick because the kids were awake, you will be able to hear them in the background!

Exciting News!

I am so excited to announce that I am now a FCCB Design Team Member! Its a great blog that I love to be a part of, each week it challenges you and gets you to think outside your creative box! 
I am working on a fabric banner as we speak and will be posting a how-to video soon, I have linked two of  my latest videos, they were really quick video's, I did a project with a friend using felt and posted a video of what I discovered while felting it up with the Cricut! Also my BFF Bekah told me about this awesome project she was doing for christmas using the cricut felt/fabric to make an advent calendar and I will be completing that project really soon!!! I then will either had a Ustream Class on it or just a quick video, we shall see!! Have a wonderful Halloween, and I hope you like my project today!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Almost Halloween!!!

Its almost the one of my favorite holidays!!
HALLOWEEN!!!  I hope you guys are getting your customer ready and candy in hand!  My three kids have yet to really decide what they want to be, they might not truly figure it out until we go to the store, this is the first year I will not be making their outfits, but I have been working hard at my small business, Christi's & Mel's Little Boutique and have not had time, but they are actually pretty thrilled to get to buy their costumes this year!!! I will have pictures posted, I am working on my scrapbooking, WOW have I put that to the side, it amazing how you can bog yourself down with so much stuff and not realize how much work it is!! 
I have some crocheted patterns to review on here later this week, as well as BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! Here is my goal/schedule for this week;
Monday-Halloween Decorations!
Tuesday-Halloween Card Designs!
Wednesday-Crochet Hats/Scarfs/Review
Thursday-BIG ANNOUNCEMENT 1( I have two!)
SATURDAY-Cricut 2 overview!
****I am going to do  my very very best to aim to stick to this schedule, my blog was neglected during finals so I need to Catch up!!!***
Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sorry its be nuts here!

Sorry my wonderful fans!!!!!!!
I have been insane lately with everything in my life, it was finals week but now that its done I have tons of stuff to do! I am ready to make some awesome videos, this week I am making one with of course Tags/Bags/Boxes and more and also doing a felt board with a friend for a school project! I am ready to get the car in gear so to speak!
I also am working hard to get my business off the ground I am running a small boutique only online right now, so please become a fan at Christi's & Mel's Little Boutique on Facebook!
Well tomorrow I am making a video on my new embroidery machine, I know its off topic but I am in LOVE with my new machine! 
Talk to you guys soon!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


           Apparently I think of wacky ideas late at night! Here is this weeks, as I sat here in my living room watching Glee (best show ever!) I started thinking how cute it would be to have card designed just around my fav. show!  I know my sister-in-law would love every card I would make and so many other Glee Lovers.  
           I hope I don't break any legal rules, might have to look that up.  But, Decided that every Friday will be GLEE-TASTIC FRIDAYS!  I will post a project/card that is solely inspired by that weeks Glee Episode!  I already can think of so many!  Making it Friday cause well I have my Halloween Project Mondays this month, and Tuesday's Glee airs plus I haves school so I can not usually watch it till wed, but Wednesday's is all about the TA-TA's this month,  Friday's just seem to work best!
          Stayed tuned! I will be finishing my video tomorrow, and bling up my notebook.  I am loving this new blog thing! Hope you all are enjoying my blogness as well and please spread the word, I will be looking forward to seeing my numbers increase and ready to CELEBRATE! 

Wonderful Wednesday Project

October is all about the CHA-CHA's!
Here is a quick tutorial, which will have to be two parts because I lack at the whole editing thing right now!!! So, here it is all about the Cha-Cha's project, I covered a composition notebook with my Big Ideas paper.
Enjoy Crafters!!!

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Creative Memories!

Okay, last Sunday I joined Creative Memories as a new consultant!  I am one that feels the need to reach my goals and quickly, I have already signed up one new consultant, now my goal is to sell $500 in products to hit my first goal as a new consultant!
So, I have decided that I will be giving away a nice prize pack to one lucky person! Here is how you get in the drawing!! 
First- Go to my website and purchase a product, please note; it does not have to be a big item any purchase counts! Including the Digital Center- Need pictures well Creative Memories Digital Center has better quality pictures than most of the popular sites that mail pictures directly to your house! 
Second-Spread the Word! With the new digital Age, I can have clients all over, so if you know someone who loves to scrapbook or is looking for a way to make extra $$$ please send them my way, I will always reward the messenger! Plus every referral puts your name in the drawing again!
Finally- If you are the San Antonio area I would love to do a home party for you or come out to a crop night! Always fun times to be had at one of the Cricutkateers events!
Here are all the sites! 
**digital photos please use my id number: 75489336**

Find me on facebook- Creative Memories by Melissa

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fantabulous Cricut Monday Challenge

I used my new Cricut Expression 2 and Mini Monsters and Designer's Calendar to create this Fantabulous scrapbook page using pumpkins!

 On that note I am going to bed!!

Cricut Expression 2

So excited! I am having so much fun with the new Cricut Expression 2.  It is absolutely amazing!!! I honestly have to say that if you do not own a Cricut and are looking to purchase one you should go ahead and head to my website and buy one.  I love love love it! Check out my post that shows how you can purchase one at a discount price!
I am also working on some cute projects for this week, I am involved in a couple challenges and am finishing up those right now! I love challenges I encourage you all to go look for blogs that have challenges and CREATE! Its amazing how inspired you can get by looking at others blogs!!
This Saturday I will be hosting a crop for all my cricutkateers out their, I will post pics by Sunday PROMISE! But, I want to do a quick demo of the new Cricut available through Creative Memories, which by the way if you own a Cricut but are looking for new cartridges head to my site and check out the exclusive cartridges only available through Creative Memories!! I love this company!!
It has been a wonderful day! Now I need to be off to bed so I can get up and make my video's on some of these projects!!
Happy Tuesday and Create Away!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Creative Memories sells the Brand New Cricut Expression 2

            Want a brand new Cricut Expression 2, well you can purchase it though me at my Creative Memories site,  Even better it comes with an exclusive cartridge only available with Creative Memories.
But, thats not all! You can buy the new Expression at a discount, you want to know exactly how, I will tell you!!!  Join the rewards club at my site for and annual fee of $39 and you receive a $10 club credit and 15% of this order goes to your next order!
                                                                    Here is my Math Skills!
Join Rewards Club : $39
Get instant $10 club credit: -$10
Creative Memories Cricut Expression2: $299
Total (not with tax, or s/h) $328
Earn 15% of this order towards your next purchase- $45
**shipping is 8.50 with Creative Memories Expression 2**
Join my team for $50 and earn 27-40% off your sales/purchases :)
Order the Creative Memories Cricut Expression2: $239 ( you get approx. savings of $60, once again did not calculate the s/h or taxes)
**you are already half-way to your goal of $500 to earn your sign on bonus!! When you sell retail of $500 in your first 30 days!**

Finally!! Start of my Countdown to Halloween

 Okay! Finally I did a video, its new to me so its a learning experience, we can do together! Enjoy :)
                                                         Have a wonderful Monday!
                                **Add a link to your project you did with tags and halloween!**