Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Ergo Baby Carrier Review!

I have fallen in love again, with my new baby ergo organic carrier, this is the mother of all carriers in my opinion. This carrier is a life saver for me when it comes to my daily life, I am a mother of three children all under 5 so I am usually on my feet so being able to carrier my baby and still have two hands free is always good in my book. I also own the the Moby Wrap, I really like this one as well for when you have a newborn, my child was a ten pound baby so he kind of jumped over the new born weight stage. But, until he can support his head I used the moby wrap, this one is also handy to keep in your car since its cloth and you can roll it up and keep it behind your seat, or trunk.
I have attached the link to the sites for the moby wrap and ergo baby carrier.....check them out this is a great gift for a new mom...a must in my book!!!!


Come back soon for more of my product reviews!!!!