Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Countdown!

         Okay Ladies!!! Tomorrow starts my Halloween Countdown, I have been so busy working on my items for this weekends craft show, which will be my very first craft show!!! I am so excited, I just might pee my pants lol.  But, I am excited I have been doing so many projects that are halloween themed, and fall themed I thought I would start a series of halloween decor how to's , and fun cards that everyone will just love!!! I want to start some different series here on my site, and hopefully aiming to do one live event a month for a my card club, keep your ear to the ground for that one! 
                                                   I hope you guys have a happy Thursday!

Friday, September 16, 2011


     Okay! I took a small break from blogging to try and organize all my stuff, I will have to post a video of my Cricutkateer Studios cause well its all nice and organized thanks to my Hubby!
    But, I am super excited to be back in my studio creating and well creating some more, I feel more alive and get all giggly when I am in my studio putting cards and things together! My fellow cricutkateers understand that I am sure!
   So, I have opened a ustream channel, Create with the Cricutkateer, I am ready to start at least a monthly show that allows me and all of you to have some fun creative time!  I would like to say that for all my fans that are in my area, you are welcome to come over and create during those events but I thinks its awesome that those who are far away can still be a part of it! I will post the link below so you can find the channel and get on board with the events! My first event I think will be super simple, and will kick off my Month long Halloween/Fall Projects with the Cricut!
    I have finally! finally! figured out how to record videos, edit and post so stand by cause this weekend I will be posting some awesome videos!!!
   Please spread my blog around would love to do some giveaways for when I hit 50/100/150 and so on! Have a wonderful weekend and be as creative as possible!