Friday, January 25, 2013

The Bubble Quilt! Part 1

First Post in well FOREVER!! One of the greatest joys in my life is my children, well my daughter who is now 6years old has started to learn to sew and quilt!! I am more than excited we are able to do it on the weekends, she has made her babies many blankets but the other day she found a quilt on pinterest, probably never should have showed her how to search on the site lol, but I told her that she could get an old composition book and design her version of the "bubble quilt", and boy did she!!!
I was very impressed with her insight and the neat idea she came up with, so we have been working on it and since I have to start blogging again, I wanted to share this project with you, this is part 1.

With any great project first you have to map it out! ^^^^^She enjoyed the mapping part and it gave me a chance to make her practice counting/grouping/measuring/patterns/and handwriting!
Then we cut out 77 squares at 6x6 ;) The original pattern we found only needed 66 but since we added a row we ended up with 77. Of course the cutting is dangerous for little hands so I did the cutting!

Then using scraps, (this is why I always keep a big tub of scraps) you will cut 77 pieces at 4.5X4.5

I will be making a video tonight to showcase how you make the puff from the pieces, had to break since the kiddos woke up from nap time! :)