Saturday, October 22, 2011

Almost Halloween!!!

Its almost the one of my favorite holidays!!
HALLOWEEN!!!  I hope you guys are getting your customer ready and candy in hand!  My three kids have yet to really decide what they want to be, they might not truly figure it out until we go to the store, this is the first year I will not be making their outfits, but I have been working hard at my small business, Christi's & Mel's Little Boutique and have not had time, but they are actually pretty thrilled to get to buy their costumes this year!!! I will have pictures posted, I am working on my scrapbooking, WOW have I put that to the side, it amazing how you can bog yourself down with so much stuff and not realize how much work it is!! 
I have some crocheted patterns to review on here later this week, as well as BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! Here is my goal/schedule for this week;
Monday-Halloween Decorations!
Tuesday-Halloween Card Designs!
Wednesday-Crochet Hats/Scarfs/Review
Thursday-BIG ANNOUNCEMENT 1( I have two!)
SATURDAY-Cricut 2 overview!
****I am going to do  my very very best to aim to stick to this schedule, my blog was neglected during finals so I need to Catch up!!!***
Have a great weekend!!

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