Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I am shocked its already Wednesday! This week has gone by so fast! Finishing up all my V-day projects for next weeks special week dedicated to Valentine's Day.  I have so much going on for that, I love all the colors and creations. 
Don't forget to go to the Fantabulous Cricut Blog for this weeks challenge! It was so much fun!!
Also, yesterday we did a special blog hop to help with cards for kids in need, and if you are in the San Antonio Area, we are meeting to make some cards for the military hospital here, working on the date right now, but if not I encourage you to make some cards and send them to the address in yesterdays post! 
Enjoy your Wednesday!!! I have a special project to post later today, my family is in town so I am a little off but finally getting back into the groove of things again, darn holidays! 
Thanks for following and enjoying my site!


  1. I didn't realize you were in the SA area! I'm in Houston. Do you ever do any scrapbook retreats? Know any good ones in our areas?

  2. I have never done one :( my family keeps me pretty busy, but I have been on the look out for some good ones!

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