Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Big News from ProvoCraft!!!!!!

         Okay I just read on the message board some awesome news!!!!!!  Okay if you do not have a gypsy this is the best reason to buy one, not only do you get the two free cartridges that come with the gypsy!  If you purchase a gypsy by Oct 31st and register it before that date, and on Nov 1st you will be able to update you gypsy with 6 FREE thats right FREE Cartridges!!!!  I am so excited, but then I realized I already have a gypsy got it when it first came out, so I guess I miss out on this awesome deal :( But I was wrong, as I read further I saw that everyone will get this cartridges as long as you gypsy is registered by October 31st, I am so excited because I have been saving up for some of this on the list!!! Check back to my blog on Nov. 1st I will have a video up on how to update you gypsy and receive the cartridges!!!!  
        Here are the new cartridges you will receive;

Smiley Cards
Tags, Bags, Boxes & More 
Printing Press 
 Indie Art 

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